Praying with ANTICIPATION! Babies babies babies!

Thanks to Courtney's blog, I've been really thinking about praying with anticipation of God fulfilling his promises!
As you know, Mason and I've been struggling for two years to conceive a baby.

I've been praying so hard...(if not SCOLDING my womb!)...please PLEASE P*L*E*A*S*E LORD, make me pregnant, please...I want a baby just one (right now) baby ...right here...

But instead, I need to have faith that God will give us children...and be praying that GOD PREPARE US FOR PARENTHOOD!!!!!

So, here's what I've been really thinking about lately...
A friend of mine was kind enough to record a Parenthood Q & A (for engaged, married, and some expecting parents to be...all Christians) that was held in a home of a giving couple with grown children. I listened to it, all 3 hours of it, non stop last night. My world is changing!!! Look at what I've learned so far....and man, there's so much to learn!

"Godly seed" = Malaki's making a judgement about the way the people have been treating him, comparing it to how husbands treat wives…made a nation so there would be a Godly seed---practically speaking: children. But's it's not just so that we have children, its so that God has more worshipers.

COMMAND of FRUITFULNESS: Genesis 1:27 …The greatest expression of fruitfulness that God wants is a community of redeemed people, ie. soposed to be the church. WHY does God want us to have children? He designed it that way. This isn't a subset, its is about WHY God created man.

Change our way of thinking: When we hear of a pregnancy---we don't think "a worshiper of God is coming into the world! another victor, a conquerer over sin!"…we just think "baby!" Dan. 12:3 ..stars into the world. CHILDREN AREN'T FOR ME!

Unfortunately I've bought into a worldly mindset...I want kids for MY HUSBAND AND MYSELF. I never stopped to think that our kids were never ours...whenever they come into our life, they will be created for God, as his little warriors!

[miscarriage] = righteous being taken away.…to be with God, immediately. POWERFUL! "Their angels (meaning spirits) of children be always be hold the face of my father." Matthew 18:10

Genesis 14:14---Abraham, when he heard his bother was taken captive, he had over 300 ready to stand for him..he didn't have children (yet I think) but he had a standing army in his own house…family. Not biological, but he was a father to them.

GIFTS for children, from family members: not indulging children in a bunch of toys. relationships are more important. humility is more important.

Matt. 10: 34…LOVE God more than your Children! Don't teach children to love the world more than God.

Numbers 14:28…(spies report on the land) the Lord said that the little ones that YOU SAID SHALL BE PREY, them I will bring in, and shall know the lamb.---Protecting your child---this is wrong in this sense because God created man to worship--to create more man to worship…to give over our fears into the hands of the Lord.

John 12…

If you love your family more than me, you are not worthy of your family.

1 Sam 3:11-13--about Eli, dark time. "The lamp of God is about to go out…. he would not restrain his sons."Then the LORD said to Samuel: “Behold, I will do something in Israel at which both ears of everyone who hears it will tingle. 12 In that day I will perform against Eli all that I have spoken concerning his house, from beginning to end. 13 For I have told him that I will judge his house forever for the iniquity which he knows, because his sons made themselves vile, and he did not restrain them. 14 And therefore I have sworn to the house of Eli that the iniquity of Eli’s house shall not be atoned for by sacrifice or offering forever.” He wouldn't keep back his son, even from death. God rewarded him.

Heb. 11

We are called to offer our children, and offer them to God…because their God's already.

WHAT IF::::If your children want nothing to do with the Lord, something is fundamentally wrong. Would I get rid of every incongruity in my life so that my children only saw that what I said, I lived…in the LORD.

A BRUTAL EVALUATION: Sit down, and prayerfully first ---every single hypocrisy in your life. Maybe on your own first, then with your spouse. money, hobbies, ….every way you let the WORLD into your life, your world, your home.

Ex: I say this is important, but instead, I treat it as a secondary thought.

We are doing this because hypocrisy is the greatest deterrent from God, for Children. We are God for our Children. We are under the microscope by them, don't believe the psychologist that say children who come from broken homes are just as stable as ones that come up in solid families. STUPID!

Gen. 18:19…should I hide from Abraham what I am soposed to do? (NO! :))Psalm 25: 8 the secret of the LORD is with them who fear them, and he will show them this covenant.

He certainly didn't create you so that you'd be happy. FOR HIM, for fellowship…its not all about us. Its about him enjoying us! :) He wants us to be fruitful and that can be spiritual children, and biological children.

I hope you feel blessed!,


The DIY Wifey

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