My Recycled Futon- TURNED Raised Garden bed

Hi friends!
Is it sunny where you are? 
I'm sure ready for summer over here in California!
Today I decided to finally use the futon sitting in the garage.
You see, our puppy chewed the corners, and then continually peed on the mattress. 
After countless washes...
Into the garage it went. It's been sitting here because our SUV isn't big enough to haul it to the junk yard.
It's made of good wood~
So, I borrowed my father-in-law's (Michael) Saw. And made it into this. 
It only took a few hours. And two trips to LOWES. (Did I mention I work at LOWES HOME IMPROVEMENT STORE now?..I LOVE IT! It comes in handy for projects like these. Also, Mason and I are building a Fire pit and pouring cement in our backyard next weekend or the, yes, LOWES is amazing. :) They know me by first name basis. They actually did before I got hired, simply because I am always there. :) 

Anyway! Hope you enjoy all the pictures! If you have any questions just comment below. But for the most part, I just eyeballed everything and it came together!

I added screen to the top's frame... just using tack nails.
Then came the planting!!!!!!

This was so much fun to make, and just knowing we will enjoy it for years to come...I must say, I LOVE this Ex-Futon made Garden bed!

Be Blessed!
 The DIY Wifey,

Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Happy Easter!
To Celebrate, I've made these little Bunny Cupcakes for my family & Friends! :)
Hot glue held the tooth pick in place between the inner pink paper and the outer colored paper. :) Easy Peasy! Also, I used beaded red sprinkles for the little dainty nose. Just a dab of frosting for the tail (tIP: cut the corner of a baggie, and put the frosting in the baggie. much easier for detail work!)
Wah lah!

I hope you are all enjoying the wonderful company of your friend's and family. 
Today, I'm going to eat, drink (milk) and be merry! :)
It also happens to be my grandpa "Poppee"'s birthday!! More to celebrate!
Although, it's hard to imagine anything bigger than Christ's dying for our sins and being resurrected today, three days after his crucifixion. 
Jesus lives in me! 
What about you?

Be Blessed! 
The DIY Wifey,

My first Sewing Pattern Project!

Today I decided to finish a shirt pattern :) 
I didn't do it completely by the book..I like the raw edges so I didn't use bias tape.
Oh my goodness, I underestimated how complicated a "simple" pattern could be. 
but now that I've done my first one....
I think the second, third & fourth will be much easier. :)
Next, is a dress! I already have the fabric! :):):)
I'm getting ready for Kauai!!! :)
(excuse the bad photos, my hubby borrowed the camera to go see the giant's ring ceremony game)..these are pics from my MAC photobooth.

Step 1: cut out the pattern pieces..and try them on in different manners until you figure out what goes where. Don't read directions. :) ....justttt kidding.

Step 2:  make sure your seams are right side in/out....I had to re-do a few ...a few too many times!

 Step 3: I love the back. adore it. :)

Step 4: Oh man. I'm outta control. ha.

I'll upload better pics soon...! :) 
What do you think? 
All the seams are great and centered..awe! :) it fits!

Step 5: twirl. dance. and wait for compliments. jk. they're probably not coming. 
....BUT the joy of wearing hand-made clothes....priceless!!!

Be Blessed! 
The DIY Wifey,