5 minute no sew SCARVES!

Inspiration & Original Tutorial: Ette Studios 
 Taking 3 old shirts (all XL or 1X from the thrift store)
...it only took 5 minutes, and a hot glue gun... and a scarf was born!!!

Scarf #1: lavender --the finished ruffled product

...cut as many large circles as you can...(paper plates, something big and circle)

Cut them into spirals of the same size, and stretch them by pulling them tight! This takes care of curling the edges :) 
Then glue two together at a time...

Again, I used some trim...but you can simply tie a knot instead.

All done! :)

This is scarf #2...cut strips...

Gather them all together...
The shirt(s) I was using had some cool trim so I used that to gather the "ropes" together! :)

wah lah! :)

 that's right...you'd never know...

Scarf #3...the easiest one!

With this scarf I just cut a good chunk out of the middle area and stretched it out, I wrapped it around my neck, and it's a scarf :) I've never done anything this easy and called it a craft! it was fun too!

Scarf #3...
Be Blessed!
 The DIY Wifey,

Chalkboard Game TV Trays

I'm breaking out the CHALKBOARD PAINT!!!!! :)

Admittedly, I bought my inspiration this time!

light sanding...

Mr & Mrs...the hubby did such a great job! His is on the right!
It was as easy as tape and paint. 2 coats. easy peasy!

20 questions... with the last 5 letters red with a TNT bomb on 20 :)

Tic tac toe, and dots :)

drawing space!

:) So creative!

get it? :)

yup I got lazy with the photo editing process...but you get the idea! :) We played Hangman for a long time tonight! :) SO FUN!

Be Blessed! 
The DIY Wifey,

Black Dresser

Hey guys! I just re-did a dresser and I ....

Maybe it's because it's my first one that I made with the intention of selling it, while all the other one's I've made have been for my keeping! You should go check it out on my other blog, {secondhand-sawdust}, if you want to purchase it! 
Here's the process! 
(don't worry, I kept the hardware....for another day!)

I didn't take many pictures in-progress...but here's what I got!

Countless layers of paint, 3 colors were found!

Yes. I'm inside. 
(just for the sanding).
 It. was. cold. outside. :)
(Hint below: a big bowl of vinegar takes away the smells)

Be Blessed! 
The DIY Wifey,


Launching {Secondhand-Sawdust}

Hi everyone!
There are exciting changes going on over here at lifey-as-a-diy-wifey! :) 
For some time now I've been debating making a website solely dedicated to selling my refinished farmhouse-style furniture! So...introducing....
Secondhand Sawdust is my new blog, so go check it out, and make sure to "follow" to keep tabs on weekly projects for sale!

See you There!

Be Blessed! 
The DIY Wifey,

Red Wreaths are for lovers

~Wreath Day~
I got the inspiration from Delia Creates!

To start out, I used a CD for size! EASY PEASY!


Finishing touch! Ready for our BBQ tomorrow with guests! 

Isn't it welcoming?

Be Blessed! 
The DIY Wifey,