Stop being fat.

I'm so inspired.

Now you are too!

Jess is quite amazing, and so focused! I've told myself so many times that I'm going to lose weight. I take three steps forward, then two steps back. It's a slow walk, ladies!
Did I mention that the hubby and I won a trip to Kauai? YUP! let me say it differently...
And I want a bikini.
so, I think I'm going to start being serious about loosing the weight.
Infertility sucks.
The self loathing that comes with it, has encouraged my 30 pound weight gain in the last 2 years.
I'm over the self bodily scolding part now. I'm going through infertility treatments, sure.
But I know God's given us children in our future.
I'm excited to see how His plan plays out: adoption, foster care, pregnancy...
only God knows!
But, now that I'm not as concerned about having a biological child,...and that I know in my heart---a child in our arms is just as precious as one in my, I'm thinking about what type of mom I want to be. And here's one of my recent revelations:
I don't want to be that mom:
The mom that constantly hates the way she looks, and teachers her children to hate the way they look too. This mom is also known for not being as care free or fun...Her kids know too much about adult-stressors. I want to be healthy (physically), so that I can focus on being a good and happy mom one day, and wife today. God gave me this bod..time to honor myself. :)

So, that's that.
I've been going to the gym almost every day. My eating habits are getting better, but I still like my waffles for breakfast... yah. um. that's gotta stop.
Kauai. this summer: probably in June 2011.That gives me 4 months or so.
I'm excited, but man~ I've still got a long way to go!

Be Blessed!
The DIY Wifey,

Yes, it exists.

Let me be [b.r.i.e.f], and say PCOS, aka: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome does exist.
Today I happen to come across this blog where she asks that question.
My heart jumped in response: YES! oh how I wish it didn't and I didn't have it.
I'm. angry. at. my. body. for. having. this. & I make an ugly angry person. (not like Jennifer Anniston or Courtney Cox on 'Friends'--who are dainty in their so-called-rage fits)
Even on my best of days, PCOS {can} shake my "s t r e n g t h"despite what I want the world to think.
Don't you think I would want to be a fertile myrtle?
...rhetorical question, I realize that's not the dream either.
I've lost weight. Yay for having big dogs that need walks!
I've prayed turns out Jesus doesn't = Santa
I've relaxed. in cancun & at home.
And I can't count how many homeopathic remedies we've tried. don't get me started.
I've even, admittedly, scolded my ovaries. I'm studying psychology. we're notoriously bad at psychoanalyzing ourselves so go ahead and take a whack at it.

***And here's what I've got to say:***
Any road that doesn't start with
...focusing on trusting God & loving my husband, ends in utter failure.
Time and time again, I prove my humanity by trying to fix myself.
BUT It's in God's hands.
Even now. I'm undergoing fertility treatments YUCK
after several months of hormone treatments last year DOUBLE YUCK
then an 8 month break from medical intervention and some needed mental re-focusing...
I decided to quit my job and attend a private Christian school where I can try TRY and TRY my hardest at something...and ACTUALLY SUCEED, while focusing on God. win-win
Now, here we are.
We're back at infertility treatments, with a new perspective and a new {more hopeful} doctor.

The difference is, this time, the medicine isn't our "saving grace"
We have realized that we are our own family ALREADY.
We're not basing our happiness on the infamous

|two pink lines.|

We're happy together. God's given us so much to be thankful for.
As he does everyone, in different ways.
If we're lucky enough to be some of the few that get pregnant with my condition, we'll shout praises of joy. and we're going to fight tooth and nail with medical "remedies" out there.
And if we can't.
guess what.
we'll shout praises of joy.
God's using us for big things. We know it. The Bible says so.

Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

I refuse to let Satan aka: king of manure heap to ruin my/our life with PCOS.
I know this is a vast tangent from arts and crafts. but maybe you can see into my heart a little, and realize I just need to get it out every once in a while.
especially when someone says it possibly could be my fault in the first place.

Be Blessed! The DIY Wifey,

Making a signature!

Hi friends! Just a quick post to thank Jennifer over at her blog, Classic Crafter for her tutorial on making a cute signature! If you want to make one, go check her out!!

Be Blessed! The DIY Wifey,

Its been a busy week!

Truthfully, I don't even know where to start!

There's a few projects I've done over my Holiday Break:

1. a pair of lamps, inspired by {Show & Tell}

2. Work-in-progress: Antique Rocking Chair (sand, stain, reupholster) inspired by the movie Father of the bride II's nursery!

3. The 5 minute Burlap pillow

4. Master Bathroom Decor (candle chandelier, jewelry frame--this I did a while ago)

5. Reupholstering a Reclining Wingback Chair

6. Ear warmers inspired by Delia Creates...LOVE her! to give me some grace here, I know I'm somewhat unorganized in my projects, but when inspiration hits, that's when I play! :)

Project #1:
a pair of lamps inspired by {Show & Tell}
here's the lamps before and after.

I feel in love with Sasha's lamp over at her blog, Show & Tell! I love how cute and clean it looks! And, you know I just love a fast project! :) So, I bought cotton at an AMAZING fabric store in Roseville, California, where my mother-in-law brought me last week. ahhh-mazing. :)

below: this is my mother in law, Joni! :)

Fabric was $2/yard :D <----BIG smile! I got 3 yards
Lamps at a thrift store: $6.00 per lamp
Total cost for the project: $18.00'm.a.winner. :)
Project #2:
my Work in progress Rocking Chair
I refuse to give you all the details and the tutorial until its all done. And it's been so much work, it deserves it's own post!!! But here's the before picture and where I am as of this afternoon....Today was all about staining it and ruining my nice hands---making them look like carpenter's stained & rouged hands. nice. that's just nice. I look like a he-she. at least my hands do. :( but, it is worth it! Take a looksie...


...all wired up! lol
so this is where I am as of today...all I need to do is wait for the staining to dry, possibly add another coat but other than that, I just put on the cushy stuff then the top layer material & Trim...almost done!

Rocking chair: $Free--
(I got it on up your area and get daily e-mails of offers/wanted ads and it is 100% free)
Coil Springs: using the ones that were there $Free
Burlap: $5.00/yard, I got 2 yards
Padding, aka "the allergy maker": $5.00 for a bundle
Upholstery fabric: elegant ivory print...$2.00/yard. yup. no joke. I got 3 yards.
tack nails: $1.79 per pack, 3 packs. (ps. I got way to much)
Wood stain: $7.49 for a quart at LOWES.
Sander/Sandpaper: on hand :)
tack-taker-outer: Best $3.00 ever spent.
Total cost for the project: $36.86
Hours spent (SO FAR): 15-20.
The pride that will come when I rock my baby in this chair after all our {sucky} infertility treatments (...a baby we haven't even conceived yet): priceless, I'm sure.

Project #3:
The 5 minute Burlap Pillow
I'm kind of embarrassed to even post this...understatement: it was easy.
I used left over burlap from the rocking chair, and I used the lovely antique material that was on the rocking chair, as one side of the pillow. I just love it. Don't know where it will go, but for is fine :)

Project #4:
Master bathroom Decor
Ok, I know the bathroom is no where near done, but I hung a chandelier, clap for me. :)
ps. when I say "I" ..this time I mean, "my husband"!!! Mason is so wonderful! I stood and pointed, as he kinked his neck hanging it over the bathtub... :) True romance!

Chandelier: $12.99 at TJ MAX
4 Candles: 7.99 at ROSS (I found cheaper ones but I had to buy matching ones so they weighted the same--you'll see why...)
Total Cost for this project:$20.98

And here is a jewelry frame I made. If you can't figure out how to make it, comment below and I'll post a tutorial. :)

Wood: $Free...dug it up from my backyard. yummy dirt! :)
nails: on hand--$Free
fabric--scraps on hand $Free
chicken coop wire: $Free--reused it from what I made a dog gate out of.
Total cost of the project: $Free. :) loveeee that.
Project #5:
Reupholstering a Reclining Wing-back Chair
Again, this project deserves it's own post. but here is a sneak peak... :) I have no real good place to put it right now, but this will do for now :)

...under the slip cover was a worn out floral print faded/cat scratched dark blue.

Chair: $Free, on, again! :)
Fabric: $70.00 total (with a bunch of coupons...I know. RIDICULOUS)...I hadn't found the above store--that I did with my mother in law for the rocking chair.
Wood tack sticks: $6.00 at JoAnne's Craft store. (for 3 sticks that were 2 and 1/2 feet long)
hot glue gun/glue sticks: on hand.
batting: $10.00
Cord for pipping: $5.00 ( I hand-made the pipping)
hours: near 50... this was my first chair. I kept messing up and re-doing things. next time it won't take this long. I'm just glad its DONE.
Total cost of this project: $91.00 bucker-oo's. eh. {deep breath} too much.

Project #6:
Ear warmers! (and one neck warmer for dad!)
If it weren't for my sewing machine that I'm still learning how to use--this probably would have been a 15 minute project... but. it. wasn't. :) haaha. ohhh well! It was a great time I had with my little sister, Megan!

...and a neck warmer for dad, the skier of the family :)..he absolutely cracked up at this gift I made him! haha Dads are too hard to shop for! I made something for him. fool proof. :)

...I made one for all the ladies in my family :)
I hope you all have a very blessed week as you continue making your house a home, making your heart overflow with joy and your family feel loved. I pray you use your gifts to bless others and spread warmth. :)
Be blessed!
~ Brittany,
The DIY wifey

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My inspiration

Hi friends!
I've been chewing on eye candy lately...
Pondering which project I should devote my day to, day after day now that I'm on vacation!!!
So, I'm blog hopping looking for inspiration, among other places, here's what I found!

This beautiful scene is from the link below, life in the fun lane--I'm not sure where she picked it up, but isn't it gorge!?!

This white dream room is from Life in the Fun lane's home :)

Who could do without the lovely Sarah's house episodes to get your country renovation fix? :) the below staircase is from her country farm house!

This is a little peaceful reading area from the home of Restyledhome!

How could you not love this mudroom from sarah over at her abeachcottage?
This is kind of what I want to do...print out letters/words on my computer, but them on a canvas and spray paint over them, then peel off the letters, and I'll have the same ideas. This product is for sale at Red Letter Words but...honestly, anyone could do it! :) I want mine to say "FOR THIS CHILD WE PRAYED" ...the one that is on this canvas leads to a legalistic point of
Jesus doesn't = SANTA.
this stool is from Dreamy whites too...see below :)
For a while I was theming our master bedroom off of this beautiful bedroom over at Dreamy Whites! AH! GORGEOUS! the thing is, finding old doors around here in California isn't as easy as it sounds. I still have closet doors, I was planning on adding molding to, and "distressing" them, for this look. but egh. its just not the same. we'll see. To Be Continued...

This scene would have something to do with my DREAM perfect day. :) It's from Brabourne Farm, love her!
How could we, DIY-er's, function without the lovely & inventive Funky Junk Interiors! I will be doing this project...See? I'm already inspired! I feel a trip to the "free" page on Craigslist coming on! Its an urge!!!



Ok, so, in all honesty, this is my True Inspiration.
He is my best friend,
my encourager,
my rock,
my hero,
my comedic relief,
my judge of reason,
my leader,
my handsome trophy,
my playmate,
my teammate,
my captain,
my husband,
my Love.

On our wedding day
~ September 6th, 2008 ~

Be Blessed!
The DIY wifey