My awful backyard...advice needed

Hi all! check out the video I made, above....the latest and greatest :/
The hubby and I could use your help in making this backyard a functional living space...get-away potted garden with _____! (you fill in the blank!)
Thanks for your comments!

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My Autumn Entry Way

Hey guys! here's my front door...

some weeds,

some lace,

some misfit pumpkins....

wah-lah! :)

the DIY wifey :)

I'm liking up with: one :( any suggestions?
ps. I do have a picture framing project...its not ready for blogging but soon!
...and what do I do about my camera phone pictures? any suggestions for good lighting?

Dinning Room Crown Molding

Hello crafters!!
Happy Saturday! The hubby and I recently added Crown molding to our living room, as well as "chair" molding and "box" molding in our dining room. Here's how to get this fab look for yourself too! And here's the lowe's How-to link, for more detailed descriptions :) Also, check out this Crown Molding ABC's video for detailed help! :)

Here is the after...and the before :) There is no furniture because we had just moved in, but there's plenty now! ...But clearing it out for painting and construction is always a good idea!

I'm going to focus on the Dining room...

Step one: Measure how much molding (rounded off into feet)you'll need. Lowes Home Improvement Store knows me by name! I've had to make 6 trips in one day, multiple times before! Just do the math, and come prepared! Don't fret to ask for assistance either!

Step two: picking out molding. You can either go with wood or foam molding. Wood is more expensive and it looks the same as foam molding when its on the ceiling! However, for the chair molding, you want to go with wood. Chairs in the dining room could nick the foam too easily. Wood is more durable. Foam is easier to install for crown molding though! So keep that in mind! Most molding ranges from 10$/8 feet piece to 40$/15 feet piece. I picked a more elaborate foam molding at $15/8 feet piece, and I had extra when all was said and done (not a bad thing!!!).

Step three: MITER SAW!!! the fun begins! The most helpful tip I could give you here is CUT SAMPLE ANGLES. The Lowe's Tutorial I linked up above will go into the angles and how to end the molding in a room, and all that jazz. But all you really need to do is take about 3 feet of extra molding, and cut the four angles you possibly could make. The four consist of: inner/outer 45 degree angle on the left hand side, and Inner/outer 45 degree angle on the right hand side. You don't want to just make cuts on a whim because you could end up cutting a piece and it be the exact opposite of what you need, angle wise.

step five: INSTALLATION! :/ Let me warn you. Installation is not for the weak of heart. It is a two man job. and Coming from should trust me!!! I'm the one who says...naw, I can do it..and I end up carrying a futon up the stairs and almost killing the cat in the process. haha...just get your hubby or a friend to help! Oh! And go with "HARD AS NAILS" GLUE. That stuff worked so fast! It helped with the neck aches! we also caulked the seams and painted the walls before, and after molding. that saved time in our book! it was seamless!

Step 6: Enjoy! :) There is nothing better than the pride that comes with good 'ol hard work! be proud you took this on! :):)

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Good will find! Old Record player...

So today! ...AH! ...I picked up this STELLAR old Record player/end table for $6.o0! I got a whole heap of records too...of course they're Christmas records, did you have to ask???!?!
AH! I already ♥ it!

It fits perfectly below the stairs! Now all I got to do is decorate it....make it shine! The stereo works, radio on it works...the only thing is I'm in the process of ordering a new needle for it. I called a guy in Florida today (shh....the hubby won't be excited about that!)...and apparently since I know not what to look for, he just asked if I could send pics and he'd find the needle for me!!! I love good manners! helping the lady in distress! wonderful!!! :) hah! He's going to get back to me on Monday! :) oh! and I got a head board too. I'm not ready to show pictures so I'll wait till the room is done...but get excited! Its FABULOUS!

I'm just waiting to put on my pearls, pumps, and apron. Clear the living room Mason, its dancing time!

How to re-do a night stand

Hey yawl! Here are some helpful hints when re-doing a nightstand, or any other piece of furniture...
I found this nightstand at GOODWILL for $5.00! I couldn't pass it up! It was smooth and needed some TLC but the drawers worked great as well as the sturdiness of the piece. It was s o l i d! :)

Then, I "distressed" the heck out of it! I took a hammer and just waked it. Some times I used the opposite site (the nail-getter-outter side) and purposefully dented it that way. At one point I actually broke off part of the curvy end piece by the floor...thank you Hot glue guns. you can't even tell! I made sure to dent the drawer's edges...they show the most! It looks awesome when its done! Trust me. And man, can I just say....Talk about therapy! It was the most fun thing I've done all week! (see below!...note the creepy joy in my eyes! haha)

Then I took out all the drawers, and gently brushed grey/blue FLAT paint (from lows)...I didn't need even a fraction of a pint worth! I took some high grade sand paper, and sanded the edges, showing off the distress and the dents. Also sanding the top of the dresser on some random spots...I think it turned out great!
Put the hardware back on...within the hour It was up in our bedroom and I had a nightstand! wah lah! :)

oh...and a little surprise is coming!: I'm about 99% done with a current project! I can't wait to show you!!! ITS BIG!

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Hey world!We are alive. :) To be honest, blogging as taken a backseat to my life, I'm learning balance, apparently! We bought a house in Lincoln, California...Its beautiful! We feel so lucky and blessed especially in this economy for Mason to have job security. Also, I've started my own DIY business click here to see it! ...Also, I started "vloging"...aka: video-blogging...Click here to see my channel! I have also decided to go back to school at William Jessup University in Rocklin, California--for Psychology-- and join Weight Watchers! Yippee! Thank you for all of you who have been supportive as Mason and I figure out how to get through this all with a joyful heart! Our little walk through life is turning out to be quite an adventure! I'll try to post videos and pictures of projects. Hopefully this site can be a combination of all my social networking sites! :) Don't forget to click "follow" so I can find you too!

All in love for the Father,
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