Tate's 2 month Pictures

The first photo is Tate, only 8 days young. :) Precious little child of God.

This is Tate yesterday :) 
His new favorite thing to do is smile, say "ahh-goooo" and make what Mason calls "dinosaur calls to his mommy" :)

The load: Mason and I are balancing the baby related work really well. Mason recently switched companies, so he no longer travels (yippeee!!) and I am now a stay at home mom, taking only 3 more night classes until I graduate with my BA in Psychology. 
The feeding: Tate is eating well, still using the shield, but every once in a while I can get him to nurse cleanly, so to speak. :) Every 2-3 hours during the day and 4 hrs at night.
The sleeping: Tate is sleeping well -- Tate is only getting up a few times a night now, typically at midnight and at 3:30am....then again at the reasonable hour of 6am or so :) I've been told this is pretty good for an exclusively breastfed baby. We're proud! We have bed shared up until now out of convenience for breast feeding. We've put him in the bassinet several times but he doesn't sleep as long there.
Thoughts on Being Parents: We can't believe how fast time is flying by!!! We are loving all the time we are getting to spend with our son.  We don't see all the facial changes so much until we look at pictures... it's amazing. God is amazing. In Mason's words: Parenting is nothing that you can plan for.  It is about being able to think fast and calmly while being confident.  It is a joy at the end of the day (or in the middle depending) knowing that we can make our baby happy and smile. Being a parent is fun and hard at the same time, and the rewards of seeing him grow and change are immeasurable.

Be Blessed! 
The DIY Wifey,

Tate is a month old!

Born January 18th, 2012...
February 18th he is officially a month old!
Surprisingly, I took these myself ;)
Here's Tate!

The sad face is the cutest, aside from the smile! :)
Be Blessed! 
The DIY Wifey,

Tate's Newborn Photos

Thought I'd share with you our son, Tate's, Newborn Photos done by the wonderful, sweet, and beautiful Debbie, from http://deborahjeanphotography.zenfolio.com/

If you guessed it-- yup, we're big SF Giant's fans and we think he's too cute too:)

Be Blessed! 
The DIY Wifey,