So, mason and I are finally married now! :) Its amazing to feel so happy and content all the time! Getting to wake up next to my best friend every morning is the best gift I've ever been given. God is teaching me how to relax and be open to new adventures, so far.


We went to the Inn at Parkside Spa & Bed and Breakfast, in downtown Sacramento, California for our first two nights. What an amazing find! :) Mason did great!!! We had the attic room- they call their "Happiness Suite." Jacuzzi tub, huge shower, king size bed, and decorated so peacefully- it was very relaxing! The wedding was 5-10pm on saturday- and we got to the bed & Breakfast after grabbing a quick bite to eat at our favorite joint...
IN & OUT BURGER! Yummy!! We went throught the drive through...the high school employee thought we faked all the decor & (me in a gown that filled up the car in addition to mason in his tux...WITH THE CAR VERY MUCH SO DECORATED!)....yup- we faked it all......there's no way. :) haha...Anyway...on with the adventure.

Monday afternoon we checked out of the bed & breakfast, and went camping at Sardine lake! (skipping over the drama of bears in our story-) Sardine lake is beautiful, and I only wish we would have found it before we set camp up at Diablo campgrounds (less than 2 miles from Sardine lake). We cut the trip short, (very short) and visted Rocklin, California--the family-- for a night.

Then, we moved into our new home, in San Luis Obispo! :) We are within walking distance of Downtown San Luis Obispo- its amazing. Now, I'm just searching for a low-key family-friendly job. Mason took the job offer with Perry Smith Accounting Firm just yesterday... it won't begin until next August, 2009. So- until then-- here is our home sweet home! :)