Hey world!We are alive. :) To be honest, blogging as taken a backseat to my life, I'm learning balance, apparently! We bought a house in Lincoln, California...Its beautiful! We feel so lucky and blessed especially in this economy for Mason to have job security. Also, I've started my own DIY business click here to see it! ...Also, I started "vloging"...aka: video-blogging...Click here to see my channel! I have also decided to go back to school at William Jessup University in Rocklin, California--for Psychology-- and join Weight Watchers! Yippee! Thank you for all of you who have been supportive as Mason and I figure out how to get through this all with a joyful heart! Our little walk through life is turning out to be quite an adventure! I'll try to post videos and pictures of projects. Hopefully this site can be a combination of all my social networking sites! :) Don't forget to click "follow" so I can find you too!

All in love for the Father,
The DIY wifey

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