How to re-do a night stand

Hey yawl! Here are some helpful hints when re-doing a nightstand, or any other piece of furniture...
I found this nightstand at GOODWILL for $5.00! I couldn't pass it up! It was smooth and needed some TLC but the drawers worked great as well as the sturdiness of the piece. It was s o l i d! :)

Then, I "distressed" the heck out of it! I took a hammer and just waked it. Some times I used the opposite site (the nail-getter-outter side) and purposefully dented it that way. At one point I actually broke off part of the curvy end piece by the floor...thank you Hot glue guns. you can't even tell! I made sure to dent the drawer's edges...they show the most! It looks awesome when its done! Trust me. And man, can I just say....Talk about therapy! It was the most fun thing I've done all week! (see below!...note the creepy joy in my eyes! haha)

Then I took out all the drawers, and gently brushed grey/blue FLAT paint (from lows)...I didn't need even a fraction of a pint worth! I took some high grade sand paper, and sanded the edges, showing off the distress and the dents. Also sanding the top of the dresser on some random spots...I think it turned out great!
Put the hardware back on...within the hour It was up in our bedroom and I had a nightstand! wah lah! :)

oh...and a little surprise is coming!: I'm about 99% done with a current project! I can't wait to show you!!! ITS BIG!

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