My first (non-pregnancy) Ultrasound

Yesterday was the pelvic ultrasound (inner & outer). It went good. shh don't tell, but I was hoping that a baby heartbeat would be the surprise...not PCOS. I'm still waiting on the Doc's call...but even just me- the untrained eye...I can tell that my ovaries are full of black dots ..aka: cysts that are all crammed in there. I was hoping I'd see a clean collection of growing follicles. Unfortunately, not. Anyway, I've changed this blog to be one focused on PCOS and emotions that are associated with it.

there aren't too many places to vent these days without getting the "it could be worse" card..or better yet, the "awe, I'm sorry" card. I don't need pity, and I don't want your comparison optimism. I just want a place to vent, where other people can vent, and where we can compare stories and hopefully encourage one another. There are many TTC networks, I'm part of a couple of them...they are great. but there is something about journaling here. gotta love blogging.

ps. the attached picture isn't my ovaries, but I just found this on the internet. it looks alot like mine.

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