Good will find! Old Record player...

So today! ...AH! ...I picked up this STELLAR old Record player/end table for $6.o0! I got a whole heap of records too...of course they're Christmas records, did you have to ask???!?!
AH! I already ♥ it!

It fits perfectly below the stairs! Now all I got to do is decorate it....make it shine! The stereo works, radio on it works...the only thing is I'm in the process of ordering a new needle for it. I called a guy in Florida today (shh....the hubby won't be excited about that!)...and apparently since I know not what to look for, he just asked if I could send pics and he'd find the needle for me!!! I love good manners! helping the lady in distress! wonderful!!! :) hah! He's going to get back to me on Monday! :) oh! and I got a head board too. I'm not ready to show pictures so I'll wait till the room is done...but get excited! Its FABULOUS!

I'm just waiting to put on my pearls, pumps, and apron. Clear the living room Mason, its dancing time!

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