My Autumn Entry Way

Hey guys! here's my front door...

some weeds,

some lace,

some misfit pumpkins....

wah-lah! :)

the DIY wifey :)

I'm liking up with: one :( any suggestions?
ps. I do have a picture framing project...its not ready for blogging but soon!
...and what do I do about my camera phone pictures? any suggestions for good lighting?


Courtenay@Signal Hill Interiors said...

Thanks for visiting me. I hear you with the camera problems. I'm totally still learning too. I'm a point and shoot girl. I just take a gazillion photos and then pick the few that are decent. That's my tip!

Mrs. Brittany said...

Courtenay~ haha, glad to hear I'm not alone with the camera issue! I'm in the market for a nice one, with a lens hopefully around thanksgiving time with all the sales... :) thanks for stopping by!!!