Stop being fat.

I'm so inspired.

Now you are too!

Jess is quite amazing, and so focused! I've told myself so many times that I'm going to lose weight. I take three steps forward, then two steps back. It's a slow walk, ladies!
Did I mention that the hubby and I won a trip to Kauai? YUP! let me say it differently...
And I want a bikini.
so, I think I'm going to start being serious about loosing the weight.
Infertility sucks.
The self loathing that comes with it, has encouraged my 30 pound weight gain in the last 2 years.
I'm over the self bodily scolding part now. I'm going through infertility treatments, sure.
But I know God's given us children in our future.
I'm excited to see how His plan plays out: adoption, foster care, pregnancy...
only God knows!
But, now that I'm not as concerned about having a biological child,...and that I know in my heart---a child in our arms is just as precious as one in my, I'm thinking about what type of mom I want to be. And here's one of my recent revelations:
I don't want to be that mom:
The mom that constantly hates the way she looks, and teachers her children to hate the way they look too. This mom is also known for not being as care free or fun...Her kids know too much about adult-stressors. I want to be healthy (physically), so that I can focus on being a good and happy mom one day, and wife today. God gave me this bod..time to honor myself. :)

So, that's that.
I've been going to the gym almost every day. My eating habits are getting better, but I still like my waffles for breakfast... yah. um. that's gotta stop.
Kauai. this summer: probably in June 2011.That gives me 4 months or so.
I'm excited, but man~ I've still got a long way to go!

Be Blessed!
The DIY Wifey,

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