Today I'm thankful for Family & Friends!

Hi ladies!
~Meal planning~
I hope your week of
meal planning is going/went great!
To be honest...I didn't stick to my plan of meals!!! To see my plan, here's the post. I made an oven-crusted Mac & Cheese from scratch, homemade chili (with hearty beef stew meat), grilled cheese & soup, (one night of leftovers), and Mason (DH) brought home pizza one night and surprised me.:)
Today I want to share my family & friends with you! I've been blessed to gather with them recently and I snapped some shots with my new camera (a500 Sony).
Let me introduce the most wonderful people in my life
(excluding those whom I don't have a picture of!
of course!, and including my dogs!)

Here's me and my two dogs, Ellinore (Great Pyrenees Mix) & Bruno (Black Lab/Dane Mix)

This is my Cousin, Laura & her 5 month old Baby, Claire!

Here's Claire & I...can't believe how she's grown!
This is my niece, (below), Emelynn Grace! (My sister's daughter)

This is my sister with her daughter! I love catching these moments!

This is my husband's mom, and siblings!
My In-laws and I :)

I am so thankful for my family. I love you all dearly!
Be Blessed!
~ Brittany
The DIY Wifey

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