Wall Art Decor!

Happy Saturday!
I'm at it again, I couldn't keep away from some sort of art project for too long! :)
(Scroll down to see the finished art project!)
Remember my patient pups?...They're back!!
{...2 dogs sleeping + 1 cat yawning = 3 good furry kids}
This is a self portrait I did of myself on an important day in my life, a few years ago.
It was the first day I spoke with my birth father.
Overwhelming to say the least, so I painted instead of journaling or talking about it.
Can you decipher it? I can't! ...man, emotions are complex!
my painting...continued
I just used acrylic & paint thickener, and my fingers for the black.
So this is my art project today!...I decided this wall is too empty! So I free-hand-ed a bible verse. I just went on Microsoft Word for a font that I liked, then I made the capitol letters a different font because I liked the formality of the capital letters' calligraphy. Then, I just penciled it. I recommend using a great eraser,
...not the pink tiny thing on an #2 pencil for SURE!
I used blue wall-safe tape for the straight lines, then I just un pealed it when I had letters that went above or below the lines. My favorite letters that turned out were the "h" in "that" and the "6" in 46:10. It turned out exactly like a vinyl or a stencil and you wouldn't believe how easy it was!

I used cheap-o paint, "Olympic Interior Latex Flat"..its a charcoal grey
I work from left to right because I'm right handed, and impenitent, have I mentioned that?! :)
I did this because I like to be able to see the finished product as I'm working. Flat paint dries really fast too! :) So, as I worked, I peeled off tape and waited for it to dry, then I used my RUBBER ERASER to ears over the letters so NO pencil showed!...HINT: If I were to do this while any wet paint was around the letters, the lint chunks of eraser would get stuck in the wet paint. So, I wanted a section to dry all at the same time...is that too complicated? I tried my best to explain it! :/

What do you think?
*the dark spot on the door molding is just lead from my hand &
I forgot to erase it before taking a picture, but it came right off
Be blessed!
The DIY Wifey

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Cayley said...

This is exactly what my fiancé and I are looking to do in our new home! This is beautiful. Thank you for the inspiration!