Gold at the Goodwill! MAKEOVER!

Here I go again!
On an "errand run"....I just H A D to stop by the Goodwill...
knowing it is mid-week (Wednesday) & the weekend-er's haven't had the opportunity to snatch anything yet, I had to stop by!
I'll start with the "AFTER"...then work my way backwards to the "BEFORE!"

What do you think?

Yup, that's my hubby in the back!
Isn't the detail in the rim just GORGE????? :)
I get this sigh of relief when I realize I just found GOLD at the GOODWILL!

After two layers of Stripping gel (ouch!) we found fake wood, so it scrubbed off with a rough sponge and a wet wash cloth...and a dedicated Husband's help!
DISTRESSIN' AWAY!!!! Ahh! I love this hammer!
For a short while, we thought it was a lost hope!'s the top of the dresser being "stripped"...
The hardware was too small & round for my spice rack spices to lift it off the ground. So instead, I just sprayed it, then rotated it and sprayed more!...metal finish! :)

The Pups!

The wonderful hubby getting ready to strip the top of the dresser!
(Remember we are working our way backwards with the pictures this time!)
What I used....
Me!...Eagerly starting out!

Don't you Just L.O.V.E. The moulding?

BEFORE. ewe.

Be blessed!!!
The DIY wifey

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