Dad's make a Difference

Hi everyone!
This post is dedicated to a few of the father's in our lives-- my husband's and mine.
They check in with us from time to time with love, and offer any assistance they can with all the projects we have going on at our home right now little did they probably expect us to take them up on those offers!
I'm excited to introduce to you Fred & Dave.

This is Fred, Fred is Mason's Dad

He has a big smile, and even a bigger heart. 
When I first met Fred, probably about 8 years ago now, I instantly saw the many similarities between my at-the-time-boyfriend, and his Dad, in great ways. 
They are both gangly and rather stiff-boned men
They both work very hard at what they do, and they don't give up
And they both are very dependable and loyal.
Family comes first for them.
So, when Mason asked me to marry him 4 years ago, I thought about the man he was becoming...and I thought about Fred, because I knew that if Mason turned out like Fred, I'd live in a happy marriage.
And now that we're pregnant with a son, I think about Fred- and the good father he's been to Mason, especially recently! 
He's  a "Mr. Handy man."
He's humble and leads a simple life.
Mason and I both admire him and love his company when he gets the chance to come visit us.
He makes time for us, often driving up to see us on weekends and going out to lunch with us.
It's pretty much a highlight for our week when he comes :)
Mason and Fred discuss the latest among our Home improvement To-Do Lists and we eagerly await Fred's advice...because he knows a little about a lot. :)

And This is Dave. Dave is my Dad
 (Above: the neck warmer I made for him last Christmas...he ski's and he got a kick out of it!)
(Below: This was taken just yesterday, when Dad helped mason demo the carpets and install new laminate flooring...THANKS DAD!)
(Below: yes, Dad's the one swinging from the tree rope by the waterfall in Kauai) lol
 (Below: Dad and me dancing at my wedding)
My Dad is emotional, and overall-- a happy go lucky guy.
My Dad is the kind of guy to be up for anything
For as cautious as he lead us to believe he was when we were children, he in fact is quite the opposite.
He isn't the man I thought he was a child...but I suspect that's because he wanted us to believe he was the 5-mile an hour slower than the speed limit, veggie loving Dad he wasn't when we weren't in the car with him or eating dinner with him. :)
He keeps his promises.
He's helpful and dependable. 
Mason and I admire him greatly for who he is.
And he's a hoot & a half to joke around with. :)  
This weekend, Mason and I were blessed with both of their company's. 
We've been re-doing our flooring, for the last few weeks...and if you've ever done a renovation, you've learned what we have:
NO ONE is available every weekend for hard labor.
Except Dad's. :)
So for that, and many other things, we say thank you.
I've gotten less and less useful in the Home Improvement process, because I've gotten more and more pregnant. Here....see what I mean. =)

 (Below: is at 28 weeks...taken yesterday) 

Dad's, we appreciate you.

Be Blessed! 
The DIY Wifey,


MommaMindy said...

You look cuter with every picture. Just remember, at the end, when you feel the biggest and the ugliest, that's when you actually will be the prettiest of all!

I loved the tribute to your dads, you are so blessed. My hubby lost his dad as a young boy and he has missed so much in life not having a father. His best friend is a godly man who is almost 30 years older.

momstheword said...

You look adorable! I hope you're feeling well!

Both my dad and my husband's dad are gone now, and greatly missed. But they helped us around the house when they could and we really appreciated it (I still have some stuff my dad built).

I am sure someday my husband will help my sons around their home too.