Front door makeover in progress

And the nesting continues... :)
Today's project was finishing the front door problems.
Problem #1: the hardware needs replacing. 
Problem #2: the door needs repainting (obviously)

Here are some pictures!

...this is the only before picture I could find... If you notice the door handles, I spray painted black. They started chipping quickly. And, it made the not-painted area really stand out, unfortunately. The den behind the dogs was our office, but with baby on the way, we're turing this room into a play room with Ikea storage units and bright colors :) kid friendly!
I ordered the hardware for the door through bay. $49, plus $15 shipping. It got here in one week. :) Lowes, my favorite DIY store, sells them for about $120. So, we saved about $45.00 by buying it online. :) SCORE!

..the door is off the hinges, yes, I did this alone. don't scold me. I'm a pregnant woman on a mission.

The door was WAY heavier than I thought, so it made it to the big deal, because we're putting tile in here in the next few weeks anyway.

 it looks lighter when the paint is wet, but trust's a great color.
 this is the first color that was "premixed" so I bought it for $8.00 verses the $14 I spent on the second color. WORRRRTH it.

 Instead of taking off the hardware, AGAIN, I just taped around it, and used a small brush for that area. wah-lah.


 AFTER! Not too shabby, eh?

Next, I'll get a new door mat and some decor for outside. bye bye succulents. We're graduating to shrubbery. :) 

That's all for today folks!

Be Blessed! 
The DIY Wifey,

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Kristi said...

love it! too cute!