My first Sewing Pattern Project!

Today I decided to finish a shirt pattern :) 
I didn't do it completely by the book..I like the raw edges so I didn't use bias tape.
Oh my goodness, I underestimated how complicated a "simple" pattern could be. 
but now that I've done my first one....
I think the second, third & fourth will be much easier. :)
Next, is a dress! I already have the fabric! :):):)
I'm getting ready for Kauai!!! :)
(excuse the bad photos, my hubby borrowed the camera to go see the giant's ring ceremony game)..these are pics from my MAC photobooth.

Step 1: cut out the pattern pieces..and try them on in different manners until you figure out what goes where. Don't read directions. :) ....justttt kidding.

Step 2:  make sure your seams are right side in/out....I had to re-do a few ...a few too many times!

 Step 3: I love the back. adore it. :)

Step 4: Oh man. I'm outta control. ha.

I'll upload better pics soon...! :) 
What do you think? 
All the seams are great and centered..awe! :) it fits!

Step 5: twirl. dance. and wait for compliments. jk. they're probably not coming. 
....BUT the joy of wearing hand-made clothes....priceless!!!

Be Blessed! 
The DIY Wifey,


Anonymous said...

Love it. :)

Nicole said...

Kudos to you for even ATTEMPTING to do this! Awesome! I attempted to make 2 small curtains out of 1 large one, and my mother did most of the work. Sigh. Can't wait for up-close photos of this shirt! :)

MommaMindy said...

Is there ANYTHING you can't do? :) Great job.

I went to Kauai awhile back - loved it! It was like a dream come true. Enjoy!

Alejandra said...

awesome job, Brittany! You're so talented, it looks really nice.