5 minute no sew SCARVES!

Inspiration & Original Tutorial: Ette Studios 
 Taking 3 old shirts (all XL or 1X from the thrift store)
...it only took 5 minutes, and a hot glue gun... and a scarf was born!!!

Scarf #1: lavender --the finished ruffled product

...cut as many large circles as you can...(paper plates, something big and circle)

Cut them into spirals of the same size, and stretch them by pulling them tight! This takes care of curling the edges :) 
Then glue two together at a time...

Again, I used some trim...but you can simply tie a knot instead.

All done! :)

This is scarf #2...cut strips...

Gather them all together...
The shirt(s) I was using had some cool trim so I used that to gather the "ropes" together! :)

wah lah! :)

 that's right...you'd never know...

Scarf #3...the easiest one!

With this scarf I just cut a good chunk out of the middle area and stretched it out, I wrapped it around my neck, and it's a scarf :) I've never done anything this easy and called it a craft! it was fun too!

Scarf #3...
Be Blessed!
 The DIY Wifey,


Brittney said...

SUPER cute!!!! Great idea!!

Sharon said...

These are way too cute!! They look like they would be REALLY expensive. Thanks for sharing! I LOVE projects like this. :)

Stunning- said...

OMG - you know Mary Zick and I know Mary Zick. You have a crafty blog and I have a crafty blog. Let's be friends.