Stinky Pee Blues

Today is only my 8DPO, for those of you out there TTC and know how stinky it is to await POAS and/or AF. Lot's of abbreviations for things that are not to much fun to say.

Mason & I have been TTC since February 1st, 2009. So, this week makes it 5 & 1/2 months. It's still with-in normal range, but I am irregular & I have been spotting continual dark brown (lightly) since 3 DPO. Today is 8 DPO, and this morning I POAS (WHAT was I expecting!?), and of course it was a BFN. But just now, I got AF. Well, spotting dark red AF at least. I'll still POAS 14 DPO and again at 18 DPO if I don't have a constant AF by then. But what a bummer. I have been really hopeful this cycle. Since my cycles last anywhere from 21 CD's to 50 CD's....It's hard to tell when the next time I'll test will come around. It has been discouraging. Mason is getting antzy too. But, I think God does have the best timing in the world for us...I know it. We just have to trust him and keep the faith.

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