Tate is 9 months old!

It's been a wirlwind of an experience...these last few months!
I'm thankful to say that we have survived it and we are happier than ever! 
We feel so blessed that God's trusted us with raising this sweet little man.

Latest loves:
1. airplane & turbulence game! 
AKA: flying around the house with Daddy :)

2. Tickles with his Momma

3. His Auntie Megan who can without fail always make him laugh.

4. BRUNO, our black lab beast :) If I can't get the fussy train to stop, he can!

5. boxes, remotes, empty waterbottles, (CORDS-- to my constant panic and horrible hiding abilities) tupperware, and pretty much anything that isn't a toy!

6. Tate is growing everyday, and as of three weeks ago, he's started WALKING!!!

If you're wondering...the above little lady is our Goddaughter, and his betrothed. :) 
well, maybe not, but she is our Goddaughter! :) 

He's chomping an apple!

^Momma and son  :)

Daddy and son :)

So very proud that he got that rolling apple!

My wonderful family!

He's a fast learner, and I think we've got an adventurer on our hands!
Watch out Indiana Jones!! :-)


Be Blessed! 
The DIY Wifey,

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Nicole said...

Oh my goodness, what a cutie pie! His smile is contagious! :) Thank you for sharing!