Things I know now...

As a mother of a 15 day old son... there are a few things I've learned & 
I thought I'd share them with you!
If you're a mom, you'll probably laugh at this list. 
Either way though, I thought it was worth documenting for my own entertainment later on. :)

Things I didn't know:

#1.  Don't give your 3 day old baby a pacifier. 

 Even if it's 3 am and he's now got a horse voice from screaming from gas pains and the pacifier is the only thing he wants. Don't do it. You giggle at this. Don't giggle. It's not even close to funny!!!!  Because it's negative one pound on baby, 2 doctors thinking I'm starving my son, and 48 hours of h-e-double-hockey-sticks of trying to get him to nurse from me again...later, until things are back to normal. 

#2. If you sign up for a cloth diaper service that provides 80 diapers a week, and gives you two loads to start 160 EXPECT to completely run out in one week. 

Yes. you think I'm kidding. I'm not.
So, you'll use what you got at the baby shower, size one diapers.
One 8-pound baby (w/ a full bladder) 
+ size one Pampers diapers (too big) 
= pee all over Mommy & Daddy's bed.

#3. Whatever is the most painful, most inconvenient, and/or the most annoying...expect it to be "best for baby." New rule of thumb.

Examples: natural birth, changing diapers right away, breastfeeding....which apparently means 8-12 feedings per 24 hours apposed to 6-10 feedings per 24 hours for formula---and formula babies sleep more because breast milk digests faster and easier on their tummies so they're hungry more for thought. 

#4. The momma-bear thing is real.
Don't mess with my cub ;)

(...this goes hand-in-hand with #7)

#5. Itzbeen's are wonderful, and so is sleep.

Below is my life saving, mind keeping breast feeding/diaper changing thinks for me. so I don't have to. It also makes me realize how little sleep I'm getting. That's okay though...what else it new? At least now I'm COMFORTABLY sleeping for a half an hour, as apposed to uncomfortably sleeping while pregnant for a half an hour. 

That's right, you all are liars, that say "sleep while you can when you're pregnant, because it gets worse!"
...I beg to differ. 
I'm up just as much, but now at least when I sleep I can sleep in any position I want, and I can pass the baby to the husband if he's too squirmy!!

#6. It's okay if you leave the hospital looking 7 months pregnant, because by the end of the week, you'll look 5 months pregnant, or less. Pregnancy fluid falls off. 

Exactly one week post partum I weighted myself. I was straight up giddy. 
I had lost 33 pounds in 7 days. 
woot woot. 
Doesn't mean I'm tone though. I can't wait to run and work out! 
 Although I should have known I would loose that much because I got soooo swollen in the last month of pregnancy. It hurt my cankles to walk there was so much fluid.  So, I still have the 'real' baby weight to loose...and tone...and all that jazz. My 6 week post partum visit is Feb. 28th! Hopefully I'll be cleared for working out.

#7. To circ or not to circ that is the question.
It's a big controversy now. 
And insurance no longer covers it, as it is now considered a cosmetic surgery. 



#8. Having an infant only makes us stronger as a couple and more in love. I respect him more every day now that I see him care for our son so well.
 below: 2006, above: 2012

I was shooting for 10 things I know now...but in order to keep this blog general-public appropriate and censored from the gory details of birth & healing... I'll stop here.

If you have kids, what did you learn in the first few weeks?

Be Blessed!
 The DIY Wifey,



Melly O said...

Awesome list! Here's a few from me: I can care for my baby on no sleep, but I can't do anything else. Everyone has an opinion and I'll go crazy if I buy into all of them. I feel the most relaxed right after nursing & diaper changing- it's some semblance of a break.

Alix :) said...

..and also: Point the pecker DOWN! :)

Titus said...

Love your list.... so true! The sleep part was the hardest for me. We just didn't sleep much and sadly, I don't do well with no sleep. But on the bright side, I'm much cheerier now than I ever used to be without sleep! :)