Award Time...{&curtsy}

How thrilling is it to be spotlighted for your very own blog glory?’d say pretty thrilling!

I was just awarded with the “I love this blog” award from [My Strand of Pearls]! I am so humbled, what shall I even say? :) Thank you for awarding me with this blogger-like golden globe. You all are my inspiration not only in my home but in my heart as well. Life is good, guys. Life is good.

I would have never entered the blogging world if it hadn’t been for our infertility.

Infertility INSPIRES!

It inspired me to dig deep and find my true love: DIY hobbies! ...and that inspired me to make a blog about DISTRESSING & DE-STRESSING...through DIY projects!

Situations---such as our journey battling infertility--are not fair, but God is still God, and God is still GOOD! :)

So, here’s how this award works:

1. thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. share 7 things about yourself.
3. award some recently discovered bloggers that are deserving.
4. contact those bloggers and let them know about the award.

My 7 things about myself:

  1. My favorite color: Royal Purple!
  2. My favorite tool: paint brush
  3. My favorite movie: Father of the Bride II {That nursery is gorge!}
  4. My favorite thing about Trying to Conceive: It’s. only. Temporary.
  5. My favorite thing to do to pass the time: Go Antique Store hopping...but of course!
  6. My favorite Instrument: the VIOLIN! I’ve been playing violin since I was 5.
  7. What I love most about blogging: Making friends :) (((blog hug!)))

What a fun way to feel special! Thank you ladies! I am officially awarding these bloggers the “I love this blog” award! Congrats ladies!!!

  1. Jennifer , The Classic Crafter I love her clean, simplistic view on blogging! So refreshing! Way to go Jen!
  2. Blue Eyed Yonder How crafty is she?! Hello...can you say "BOOKMARKED?!" :) AWESOME work!
  3. Michelle & Lisa, at Urban Farmhouse I featured her in this post, but see for yourself why they're pretty cool chicks! Nice job ladies!

Be Blessed!
The DIY Wifey,


{BlueEyedYonder} said...

You've totally made my morning! It's funny to find the things that inspire us. Sometimes we find that even the most awful situtations often have a silver lining. I'm sure your blog has touched/helped more people than you will know. Just keep on keepin' on, I know He has bigger plans for you.

Thanks also for the kind words and for stopping by my site. It's always nice to make new blogger friends.

Anonymous said...

OMG, the nursery in Father of the Bride 2 was so amazing. I forgot all about that. Now all I need is to get pregnant and win the lottery. Shouldn't be too hard...