Nearlywed, officially :)

Hi Friends and Family! I've decided to start a blog, because its much easier to write in one place than try to keep up with everyone :) I hope its more convenient for you as well.

My one and only...Mason, and I have been engaged now for 6 months already!!!!! Six months from the sixth of this month...we will be saying our vows! Its going by so fast. At the same time, our year-long engagement has allowed us to grow closer and prepare ourseleves. I feel like a little girl, waiting for recess ... this engagement has been alot of work! Two of our good friends, Laura & Stephen Jones (newlyweds as of October 2007!), told us that they felt like every married couple HAS to go through an engagement..."its a right of passage....that IS difficult." They're right. Its a bitter sweet transition.

Oh, and I just started working at "Vons"...the Southern California version of good 'ol Safeway. Its funny to talk with the people that come in... working with a variety of characters is interesting (especially when most of my co-workers are under 16 yrs old). I wish I walked around with a notebook, tallying how many times I hear the meaningless filler-word "like" in one shift. :) I'll try to post a picture of my sweet new apron. :) I love wearing aprons.

Oh, and here are some of our favorite engagement pictures!! SAM POTTER PHOTOGRAPHY... he was great to work with, he'll be doing our wedding too!!!! We can't wait!

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